1. Decreased digital presence.

I need to spend less time on my phone and computer looking at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et cetera. The temptation of the infinite scroll and its constant state of flux has stolen far too many hours from me in the past few years, time which could have easily been spent more productively had I been able to pry myself away from the screen for longer periods of time. Computer time will be limited and should be spent in a productive manner, such as doing research, working in GarageBand, and responding to important emails. Less Facebook, more face-to-face. Social network activity will be relegated to art and music updates and important life updates only. 

2. Increased physical presence.

I want to spend more of my time outside of my room and outside of my apartment in general. Random walkabouts for exploration, exercise and/or stress reduction should be done for at least an hour a day whenever possible. More time should be spent with friends without cell phones or computers in constant usage or close reach. Spending less time shooting and sharing and more time looking and listening. 

3. Improve physical and mental health.

I need to go to the Harrison Park fitness center at least three days a week, for an hour or more, and keep a log of when I go, which areas I work on, and how long I worked out. I should continue changing my diet to include more nutritious, fresher, and more heart-healthy choices, especially considering the number of heart problems and diabetic cases are on both sides of my family. I want to be under 200 lbs as soon as possible, and in the 150-180 lb range by the end of the year after weight loss and muscle gain. I need to resolve my Primary Care Provider situation with Aetna and be reassigned to someone that can actually accept me as a patient. I want to get a physical examination and look into seeing a dietitian, finally doing a sleep study, and getting help with any additional health issues that may arise (dental work, especially). 

I will continue to see my therapist on a weekly or biweekly basis, and I need to figure out my psychiatrist situation for medications. I want to learn more coping skills, and I should try to establish some sort of daily meditation or yogic practice to further assist with clear and levelheadedness.

4. Create.

Establish a daily studio practice of making something new each day (a sketch or a demo all the way to a finished drawing/painting or a finished recording). Write more, whether it results in prose, poetry, academic writing, stream-of-conscious. Maintain a sketch/note book to refer back to, and update it constantly. Resume the "Blue Notes" project and consider making zines from it. When financially possible, self-publish new zine projects and recordings, or shop them around to more capable, interested entities. Devote at least four hours to creative activities each week. 

5. More love / love more.

Practice self-love more often, rather than hating myself for failing or fuck-ups. Make familial love more of a priority by calling family members more, and trying to visit them more often. Continue to embrace platonic love with friends. Engage in romantic relationships without fear of failure or heartbreak. Try to be more positive and supportive, rather than overly negative and hypercritical. Learn forgiveness and compassion and unlearn maliciousness and grudge-holding.